Discover 3 of the most beautiful cities in Spain on this 4-hour balloon flight over the city. Choose your favorite place and have a brindis with cava and brunch on air.

You can choose your city to You can make your flight over one of the cities, Segovia Madrid or Toledo. Segovia, a UNESCO World Heritage city in 1985. It is the most representative of the national territory both for its scenic flight as its peculiar interest aerology so perfect for our ballooning.

The views snowfall of the main peaks of the Sierra de Guadarrama make during the winter months our flight takes an entirely different stamp. The balloon can admire both the Alc'zar, the Cathedral and the Aqueduct dating from the second century after Christ. Segovia is located north of the Community of Madrid a few 80 km of the capital making it a tourist attraction of being grade. During the flight, and if the wind allows, we can go up to 2000m altitude.

Toledo, historic town and declared a historical-artistic complex in 1940, UNESCO subsequently granted the title of World Heritage Site in 1986. From the air can spot the Rio Tajo passing through Toledo, El Alcazar and medieval architecture City enjoys it so important. Located south of Madrid 85km away. The height during the flight Toledo is max. 400m.

Aranjuez, located south of the Community of Madrid. It is famous for its Royal Palace and its gardens prices and the cultural landscape of Aranjuez was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2001.

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