This 3-hour tour will show you all about the Lavapi's neighborhood and the old Jewish area of Madrid. It's one of the most multicultural neighborhood in all Europe with more than 80 different nationalities living there, which makes it a place filled with new things ready for you to discover.

This tour starts in the afternoon, in Plaza Mayor, where you will have a local guide ready to take you to the famous Lavapi's neighborhood.
You will start by understanding the origin of such a curious name, and see for yourself the importance of such a multicultural place by seeing the bohemian lifestyle of this neighborhood full of theaters, artists, performers and bars. You will walk by the Cebada Market and understand it's important role in the commercial trades'of Madrid.

See the Basilica San Isidro - Madrid's main cathedral until Almudena was ready and get into the history surrounding it's construction. From there to Plaza del Cascorro and all you want to know about El Rastro, the one of the most famous market in Europe,'which takes place every Sunday and National Holiday and where you can find anything from art to food, from clothes to antiques and much more.

You will learn about Eloy Gonzalo and see why he is a National hero, the story of Agust'n Lara and his famous song, always with great views and seeing different architecture styles, such as Art D'co, Barroque and Modern. In Plaza de la Corrala, and it's surroundings you will hear all the curiosities of particular places like theaters, bars, factories...and see the importance of places like La Inclusa or the religious schools.

Get to know the relations between Cervantes, Velasquez and Lope Veja and how they went from friends to enemies, finishing the walking part of the tour in Plaza Lavapi's.

Then, have'one drink and eat'one tapa to really experience the Bohemian Madrid - all included.

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