Casa De Campo Self Balancing Transporter Guided Tour In Madrid

Join a 90 minutes tour with an original self-balancing transporter and discover one of the most hidden gems of Madrid - La Casa de Campo, the largest urban park in Europe, formerly a royal hunting estate.

Using an original self-balancing transporter Cross-Terrain access most hidden places of La Casa de Campo park. Located near Manzanares River, the so called “lung of Madrid” was once home to the early prehistoric settlers, served as royal hunting areas for the monarchy and witnessed some of the most important battles during the Spanish Civil War.

You will meet your group at a centrally located meeting point. After short introduction and one-to-one training, you will depart on a 90-minute tour. Not only you enjoy one of the most privileged views of the city, but also you discover some of the less known secrets of the capital of Spain. Those of you, who are not familiar with electric transporter, it's incredibly easy to ride, takes just a few minutes to master, but brings lots of fun and helps to discover all wonders of a city as big as Madrid.

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