Enjoy Madrid seen from a different perspective, less touristic, more local and away from the mainstream touristic traffic. You will see the other side of the historical center of Madrid, will learn about cultural background, history and modern life. You will get closer to the daily life of "madrile'os" and will take'part in it for a brief moment.

The central part of Madrid is curiously divided into two parts by the main city's traffic artery - Gran Via Street. In itself this street is a landmark in many ways, but besides that it has become a natural dividing strip between the classical and trendy Madrid. In the other side you will see a different "face" of Madrid, more dynamical and evolving, a mixture of centuries' traditions with modernity and trendiness.

This walking tour will take you through Malasa'a, Chueca and Chamberi districts and will expose the depth of local cultural traditions beyond royal dynasties and the classical landmarks. At the end of the tour you will stop for a refreshment or a glass of wine and a tapa.

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