Madrid Guided Walking Tour Including Spanish Literature Places

Enjoy on this 3-hour tour through the most emblematic places involved in Spanish Literature, especially of the well known Spanish Golden Century - a particularly productive era in National Literature.Understand the profile and lifestyle of the main writers of the time and see for yourself the marks they have left in Madrid, by walking through the famous Barrio de Las Letras. This and much more places related to other historical periods that have been very enriching to Spanish Literature,

This tour starts at 10.30am at Plaza Mayor, where there will be a local guide waiting for you, ready to give you all the knowledge related to Golden Madrid. From Plaza Mayor to Plaza Santa Cruz, where you will see the prison, understand it's architecture, curiosities, and get the feeling of what it was like to be a prisoner there at the time. You will walk through relevant streets, squares, sculptures, places and buildings'to the Callej'n del Gato, where you will be involved in it's stories, myths, legends and curiosities by getting into Cervantes most famous piece - El Quijote.

From Plaza Santa Ana to Plaza del Angel and the Spanish Theater, with it's historical statues and buildings.The theater rivalry of the era and how that influenced the evolution of the city and much more. Passing by Ateneo, understanding the history of it's library and the novel prizes,'and it's cultural importance in'an up growing Madrid.

Then, the beautiful Plaza de las Cortes, the Congress and it's history, and all the surroundings that give you the cultural context of Paseo del Prado. Walk through the streets where the main writers lived, the places they went and really get into their habits and lifestyle. Understand their relations, friendships and enemies and let yourself be transported to a different time.

A tour full of literary culture that will surely make you look at Madrid with more romantic eyes.

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