Visit some of Madrid's most important locations with this complete walking city tour for a small group. Your visit will be lead by a local expert guide who will show you the most important landmarks and historical places of Madrid, booking a small group tour will ensure a personal attention.

You will also stop at the iconic Royal Palace of Madrid (Palacio Real) and you will visit one of the oldest squares of the city, the Plaza Mayor. The Plaza Mayor is located in the center of Madrid, a few meters from the square of Puerta del Sol, and close to the High Street.

Another interesting point on this tour is the Gran Via, you will visit the most famous street in the city of Madrid and knows the daily life of the people living in this city. Let amaze yourself with the colorful and spectacular source of trade.
You will cross one of the most significant works of Spain, it had to demolish over 300 houses and affected almost 50 streets. Thanks to the Gran V'a better communication between the center of Madrid (Calle Alcal') and northwest of the city (Square of Spain) was achieved.

Here you can visit a variety of restaurants, boutiques and cinemas, which over the years, some have closed and others have become theaters, that's why this road has earned the nickname of 'Broadway Madrid' thanks to its high concentration of people at all times and cosmopolitan architecture, here is an unlimited fun environment.

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