Discover Madrid in this 3-hour bike tour in which you will visit some of the most emblematic buildings of the city with the best rooftop terraces and views from the city.

To have a new perspective of the city and enjoy its skylines and stunning sunsets, book this 3-hour bicycle tour.

Along this route you will visit some of the buildings that have the best rooftop terraces and views, discovering from the street level what you will relish from the top level. Usually you can only appreciate the façades and entrances of those buildings, but from the rooftops a whole new dimension of the urban landscape will appear.

The guide will indicate where you can park the bike so you can then go up to enjoy the rooftop terrace's views and chilled atmosphere as you sip on a glass of soft drinks or beers.

You will ride an electric Mobiky, a Brompton or the classic Dutch Mobeo to get to the different places along the itinerary. All of the bicycles are in the best conditions and follow a regular program of preventive maintenance, so you can have a pleasant city tour.

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