Experience a culinary journey throughout Spain with a tapas cooking class that will teach you how to make 10 different tapas. This small-group class offers you a'hands on cooking experience. The best part is, after you have finished making the food, you get to enjoy a meal of what you prepared.

Located in central Madrid, a fully-equipped kitchen awaits you.'No prior kitchen experience is necessary and you are sure to leave with a full belly, along with flavorful recipes to share with friends back home.

You will learn how to prepare typical Spanish dishes with the help of a professional chef. Hear how Madrid absorbed the culinary traditions from all over Spain, then you will start preparing the 10 tapas that best explain each region of Spain. After you have spent about 2.5 hours cooking your meal, you will spend about 1 hour enjoying it. You will have a wine pairing during the class, with wines coming from the best wine regions in Spain.

You will prepare recipes such as gilda (a classic version of the Basque food on a skewer), pan tumaca (Spanish bruschetta) with ham, potato omelette, shrimp with garlic, and 6 more plates depending on the seasonal offerings.'

You will leave the school with the recipes you have just created, an apron as a present and a lot of new knowledge about Spanish cuisine.

Settle into the comfort of the cooking school kitchen and spend the evening preparing your authentic Spanish dishes. Your teacher will include tutorials on traditional techniques, flavorful, local ingredients and beautiful presentation. A professional teaching staff with years of experience ensures every dish is a success and all students receive individualized attention and instruction.

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