Madrid de los Austrias: Know the story in a different way.
The route is perhaps one of the most picturesque and Madrid. This is the name given to Madrid from the time when the Habsburg dynasty reigned in Spain. This reign began with Carlos I, who enriched the city with palaces and monuments. Later, when Felipe II made it into capital of Spain the city grew remarkably.

In century XVI, the dynasty of the Austrias decided to transfer the imperial court to Madrid. King Felipe II initiates the first works, but it will be his son Philip III who promotes an urban development proper to the new capital. In spite of the changes and the passage of time, in the historical center of Madrid the architectural traces of that time are still preserved.
The so-called Austrias district in the center of Madrid is the area where many places and monuments are built during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, when the capital of Spain was the seat of the Habsburg court. Its narrow and irregular streets, discover buildings of sober and austere architecture, according to the character of those monarchs. Strolling is the best way to get to know this part of the city, with its many shops and traditional taverns. The route that we propose can be done on foot, in a morning or in an afternoon.

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