Prepare Mediterranean dishes like a pro during this 3-hour cooking class in Madrid. Under the guidance of a local chef, tour the Torrijos Market and gain hands-on experience making traditional savory and sweet dishes. Whip up gazpacho (Andalusian tomato soup), huevos rotos with Iberico ham (fried eggs with ham), arroz negro (black rice with squid), and apple flambe. After cooking, enjoy your authentic creations in three courses plus dessert along with a refreshing glass of sangria.

Start your culinary adventure with a small tour through Madrid's Torrijos Market. Your chef and guide will show you traditional Spanish fare and produce. Learn about what's grown locally while picking out the ingredients for your class. Spend some time perusing the colors and smells of Spanish food, while meeting locals.

Once you've gathered provision for your recipe, follow your guide to the demonstration kitchen, where you'll learn how to prepare four Mediterranean recipes. Start with one from the Andalusia region, its famous gazpacho, a chilled tomato soup. Continue with typical Madrid dish, huevos rotos with Iberico ham, considered one of the best ham in the world, with fried eggs broken over a potatoes. Next is a rice from one of the best gastronomic regions in the world, Navarra. The exquisite arroz negro is comprised of black rice with fresh squid. Finish the class by cooking a delicious dessert, apples flambe, a very typical dish of Asturias in the north of Spain.

After, enjoy the fruits of your labor by sitting down for the meal with new friends and Sangria. Bring the flavors of Spain home with you with your handy recipe book.

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