Old Town Madrid Gourmet Tapas And Wine Tasting Walking Tour

Join your local guide and wine connoisseur for a 2.5-hour walking tour that takes you through the centre of Madrid and allows you to discover the best restaurants of the capital in which you will taste the exquisite wines of Spain. This is the only tapas tour in Spain where all wines come from a private cellar and are rated between 95 and a 100 points by the top wine guides.

Join your local guide at the meeting point and be prepared to discover the unique city centre of Madrid.

The first stop will be one of the two historical taverns in the area. In either of them, you can try the famous Vermouth (a fortified white wine flavored with various herbs and spices and sweetened with caramel that can be considered the traditional drink of this city) and the Spanish omelette, our most international gastronomic specialty (made only with eggs, potatoes and onion)

The second stop included in this walking tour will be a bar specialized in cold cuts.'You will taste the best ones that come from a pig breed unique to Spain and Portugal: the Iberian breed. These animals are fed with acorns and as a result, they provide the best pork meat in the world. You will taste different acorn-fed Iberian pig cold cuts styles such as ham, lomo or chorizo.

You will also have the chance to taste other traditional tapas like torreznos (pork rinds), Manchego cheese (renown cheese produced in La Mancha and made from unpasteurised sheep's milk) and tuna empanadillas (empanadas).'You will pair these tapas with a Muscat wine (Victoria 2 by Jorge Ordo'ez, in the guide's opinion the best in the country) and a 15-year-old Oloroso wine (a variety of sherry wine).
The next stop of the itinerary is the guide's favorite spot in the city, an 18th Century mansion, surrounded by other historical buildings. You will taste spinach croquetas with a wine made from the Verdejo grape which is one of the most popular in the country. Then you will taste a famous Spanish delicacy, the Iberian presa. This is the most juicy and savory cut of the Iberian pig, perfect for grilling. You will combine it with red wines such as Finca Espolla 2009 (97 points by the Gourmets guide) and San Roman 2011 (98 points by the Gourmets guide).

We will end the night by pairing vanilla ice cream with La Ca'ada Pedro Ximenez, wine made from raisins and aged in american oak barrels for over 25 years (99 points by the Gourmets guide).

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