Travel between the real world and the virtual world of Pokemon with Hunting Pokemon GO in Madrid by Car or Minivan!! You choose from where and when started this hunting. Book a private custom tour in a nice sedan for up to 3 people or a minivan for up to 3 to 5'people to get a tailored itinerary and experience all the major highlights of Madrid'including pickup and drop off at your hotel and WIFI on the car/van.

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Once it's ready to go, you can start playing by selecting a Google account to connect the game to. You must have a Gmail address If not you can create one for free online before logging into Pokemon Go.The other option is to create a Pokemon Trainer Club account, but that's more for dedicated fans of the series, so don't worry about doing that.The game requires you to always be connected to the internet in order to play, so if you're not on WiFi or data, you won't be able to log in. The servers are currently finicky, so you may experience other issues trying to get your Pokemon Go game started.

The biggest selling point of Pokemon Go is that it requires you to actually get up off the couch and head outside in order to play it.The game will walk you through this and make it abundantly clear, but for those who miss the directions: It relies on your phone's GPS signal in order to determine where you are and where the Pokemon closest to you are.That being said, to get to those Pokemon, you'll have to move your real, physical, human body.The avatar on screen will move in accordance with your position within the world itself. Walking in Pok'mon Go, you have to walk in real life. Once you figure that part out, you'll start moving around the map on the screen.

Madrid's highlights:

  • The Real Palace and Opera'
  • Prado Museum'
  • Retiro Park
  • Reina Sofia Museum
  • Paseo de la Castellana
  • Santiago Bernabeu Stadium'
  • Plaza de Toros de las Ventas
  • Palacio Real
  • Manzanares River

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