Enjoy a 4-hour private food tour and a great way to learn about Madrid's culture and customs from the local perspective. You will see, taste and participate in the daily life of the capital, will go to traditional and lesser known places of the city, will explore different neighborhoods, but most importantly you will learn about the gastronomical culture and history of Madrid and Spain and will taste culinary delights and specialties.

Starting at your accommodation, you will have a run-through Madrid's city center for a brief introduction, which will take you back to the city's history so as to understand the many culinary aspects of Madrid and Spain.'

You will walk around, stopping at four to five different places, you will taste and visit a variety of places from old to new, you will get to experience the know-how of traditional eateries, modern gastrobars and taverns. From traditional farmers' market to modern tasting-markets, from old boozers, city wineries, to local family-run restaurants.
You will learn to distinguish and recognize tapas, pintxos, platos, platillos and raciones, the cultural bit of knowledge which would probably pass unobserved by the average foreign visitor in Madrid.

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