Once you are in Madrid, you have to take a day and get to know Toledo, a unique UNESCO World Heritage Site, a beautiful and have-to-see ancient city. During this 8 hour private tour, enjoy with your private official tour guide a complete and exhaustive visit of Toledo comfortably in your private vehicle with driver. See attractions like Cathedral of Toledo, and Toledo's old town area. After Toledo, heading back towards Madrid, enjoy a visit of the Royal Palace with your official tour guide.'

Enjoy this private 6-hour tour with your official your guide and get to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Toledo & Royal Palace of Madrid very comfortably in your private vehicle with your driver.

The tour will start off by picking you up from your hotel or place of choice in central Madrid and then travel comfortably to Toledo. Toledo is an ancient UNESCO listed city since 1986 for its extensive cultural and monumental heritage and historical co-existence of Christian, Muslin and Jewish cultures.

It has been known as the city of three cultures and also as the Imperial City. Your tour is completely personalized to fit your own needs. The tour will be organized taking into account what you want. An example of what some of the sites that the tour can include is the following among other options available:

  • Gothic Cathedral
  • Santa Mar'a la Blanca (oldest synagogue)
  • Museum of El Greco (Home-house designed as a recreation the artist's home including important paintings)
  • Jewish Quarter
  • Synagogue El Transito
  • Church of Santiago del Arrabal
  • El Cristo de la luz (small mosque-oratory built in 999, then conversed to a church)
  • Toner'as Mosque
  • Alcazar fortress
  • Puerta de Bisagra Nueva (Main entrance and face of Toledo)
  • Puerta de Bisagra (main entrance to the city in Andalusian times)
  • Puerta del Sol
  • Puerta Bab al-Mardum (oldest city gate of Toledo)
  • Alc'ntara bridge
  • Puente de San Martin
  • Royal Palace of Madrid with entrance'


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